Analytics & Reporting

Track the ongoing health of your business.
To assist in comprehensive decision making.

A continuous statistical analysis is an integral aspect of any digital marketing campaign. Seen as additional assistance within other areas of an organisation. We utilise a number of different statistical systems to monitor performance across every arena.

Preparing an intelligent set of goal-tracking measures with a comprehensive monthly report remains the cornerstone of any future planning. Menzies Media considers the following when integrating reporting and analytics:


Through our expert reporting and data analysis, we are able to translate raw data and create strategies. This process raises questions regarding your business and is tested to assist in providing actionable recommendations.


Automated monitoring is the key focus when we build reports. Using our reasoning and analytical skills to extract key insights from data to form actionable recommendations for our clients. Either face-to-face or via Skype.


By identifying the primary tasks and setting of specific goals and deliverables we create the roadmap to track analytics designed for your company. Using reporting and analytics together holistically for business success.


Having complete and accurate data is needed to form actionable recommendations for clients. We assist clients with decision making, monitor they stay on track, and ensure employees are able to execute tasks on their own.

We like to think of the “data-driven stages” (data > reporting > analysis > decision > action > value). If you remove one of these steps, it can be more difficult or impossible to achieve the desired value. It all starts with having the right data that is complete and accurate. If we skip the “reporting” step, we will not be successful in striving to democratise your data.

Reporting will not initiate an outcome on its own, it requires analysis to help bridge the gap between data and action. Then we consult our clients to assist in good decisions making and monitor that the organisation has stayed on track and taken the right actions. Making sure that individuals are able to execute on those actions. Following this process, we achieve the most value.

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