Intelligent Solutions for Intelligent Businesses.


Complete business and technical consulting from assessment to implementation for companies who require an end to end digital business system supported by live data.

Lead Management

Converted through automated internal administration processes our lead management services are generated through technologically run ecosystems established within businesses and supported by leads fed into the systems.

CRM and ERP Systems

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions such as our proprietary built multilevel software packages, EngineCRM and LeadCRM. Our software assists businesses to increase control and growth. The base packages are agile enough to grow into fully-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for our clients.

System Development

We offer businesses a bespoke system development that accurately and efficiently assists in the management of external and internal processes while monitoring performance with live business intelligence dashboards. Our systems offer an end to end solution that is easily integrated with 3rd party business software that organisations may use for their internal processes i.e accounting software, logistics systems, telecon systems, POS systems etc.

Application Development

We build commercial and internal business apps for Android and IOS, leveraging the full power of modern tech stacks, our developers know their way around the most recent platforms and API bundles. We’ll help you design, code and deploy your Android or IOS App on the Google Play Store.

Artificial Intelligence

AI & ML processes assist in the optimised automation of workflow for a more streamlined way of doing business. Through the elimination of repetitive tasks, staff are able to focus on aspects of your business that need attention the most.

Data Warehousing

Defining, populating and data warehousing to suit your needs. Usable knowledge is extracted to answer key business questions. We assist in bringing your disparate data from different applications, processes and locations so that your organisation can make use of the knowledge that it contains.

Data Visualisation

Combining data from different sources, both structured and unstructured, we are able to gain a complete picture and identify new opportunities for businesses through the use of interactive dashboards housing reports, graphs, and timelines.

Decision Modelling

Real-time decision models allow entire teams to take effective action in everyday business scenarios. Through our data visualisation processes and guidance, future scenarios are modelled to reflect opportunities your business can take advantage of, resulting in the continued growth of your organisation.

Performance Reporting

Forecast trends and patterns within your business based on gathered data. We have seen businesses outperform their peers when making informed decisions through recommendations confirmed through our business intelligence solutions and live dash reporting and analysis.

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