Business Intelligence

Forecast trends & patterns based on gathered data.

Performance Reporting

Business intelligence is a performance reporting and analysis tool used for forecasting trends and patterns within an organisation based on gathered data. The advance in technology has allowed this process to become very powerful. The ways that we consume and use data to make informed decisions is always evolving. Through using our expertise we have seen businesses outperform their peers when making informed decisions through recommendations confirmed through business intelligence.

Data Warehousing (ETL)

Our specialised SQL experts take clients through a process of defining, populating and data warehousing to suit your organisation’s needs. With a focus on extracting usable knowledge that answers key business questions, a data warehouse is a large step towards creating a better understanding of your data and future data. We will assist in bringing your disparate data from different applications, processes and locations so that your organisation can make use of the knowledge that it contains.

Data Visualisation

Our data specialists interpret data in various ways that lead to effective decision making. Combining data from different sources, both structured and unstructured, it provides us with a complete picture and identifies new opportunities. Interactive dashboards housing reports, graphs, and timelines are provided for ease of understanding. This allows employees to bring new insight into decision making. Change the way your business thinks and allow your team to work smarter.

Decision Modelling

Business Intelligence has become an expected competency within companies and leading enterprises understand the need for real-time decision models that allow workers, managers and executives to take effective action in everyday business scenarios. Data visualisation allows us to model future scenarios that reflect opportunities organisations can take advantage of. In this way, we can help guide our clients towards continued growth within their organisations.

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