Branded Content Marketing, Enhanced Advertising for The New Age

By Ilse V Rensburg | 18 August 2017

What does The Lego Movie, Supersize Me and Ok Go’s music video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ have in common? These are all entertaining and addictive forms of branded content, done well. Previously, branded content was blatantly obvious involving copy that was infested with branding. As a result readers, and consumers are more aware of branded content than ever, and will avoid anything that looks like advertising. Subsequently, the popularity of Ad Blockers has risen dramatically within the last decade, and the option to skip adverts in selected videos is a welcome add on.

So what makes branded content what it is?

Firstly, people often get confused between branded content marketing and content marketing. There is a notable difference. For instance, Branded content is entertaining, emotionally connecting to the target audience while content marketing is focused on a product and service, informing the target audience and building a positive image for the brand. People don’t like to be sold things, and they hate being slapped in the face with advertising. This is why branded content marketing is so valuable to the advertising industry, as copywriters are focused on the needs of the audience before the brand. The goal of branded content writing is to entice an audience and grow loyalty to the brand over time rather than forcing the brand on them as content writing tends to do.

So how does branded content writing work?

Branded content writing can be used in articles, documentaries, webisodes, music videos, books, movies and short films. Consumers are not forced or tricked via techniques such as interesting click bait, rather they engage because they want to. The Lego movie is probably the most successful branded content campaign of all time, and consumers love it. You most likely didn’t even realize you were being sold Lego due to the entertainment factor of the movie. Additionally the same can be said for Super Size Me, did you think that it was really just a documentary on the negative effects of consuming too much McDonald’s? I’m not sure about you, but I went to McDonald’s straight afterwards and bought myself a super-size meal. Likewise Ok Go’s video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ expertly combines catchy music, eye-catching shapes and colours, as well as, synchronised dance moves on motorised scooter chairs made by Honda. I’m sold. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to test out their dance moves on one of those? This is how branded content marketing works – You want to buy what they are selling.

Mastering the technique of branded content writing is a must for good branding. It is all about subtly nudging a buyer towards a product and seducing them into a good story that has quality narrative – Evoke interest, connect on a human level and you can hook anyone.

Nonetheless, this is something that brands have to keep in mind when hiring digital advertising agencies like us, at Menzies Media. Branded content writing is not about immediate gratification. All good things take time and if you put the consumer before the brand with good branded content writing, you will gain a customer for life.



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