Infiltration of the Bot - Millennial Marketings Adaptable Superpower

By Ilse V Rensburg | 07 November 2017

The thing about an invasion is you don’t truly notice that it’s happening until it’s occurred. So, take notice, because it has… The evolution of millennial marketing has already embedded itself into our media, and the future, is bots – Chatbots, to be more specific.

Chatbots have been revolutionising sales and marketing for some time now. As an intelligent adaptable technology that mimics human interaction, it’s no wonder that they are fast becoming a favourite advertising device that may, to a degree, replace many marketing functions. If you haven’t begun implementing bots into your business, it is imperative to start now, so that when Chatbots become a conventional feature within social media, your brand will be at the forefront.

So what are Chatbots exactly?

Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence programmed into a device with a machine-learning algorithm that allows the bot to adapt and learn from communications. In other words, the more a bot interacts with people, the smarter it becomes, learning from its mistakes and improving their communications.

Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare, doesn’t it? However, the only frightening thing about bots is how humanity intends to use them… Chatbots, like all advertising, have the capability to easily be abused by brands, as email and general advertising has proven in the past.

The most basic Chatbots are able to handle simple functions, such as explaining the ordering process to a client while the more advanced bot can assist a customer through the entire buying process from placing the order for them, to including suggestions and any important data required without ever suspecting that they are communicating with software.

How, exactly, do Chatbots improve marketing?

First, and foremost, Chatbots allow brands to create a bespoke customer experience. Generally, you only have a few seconds to capture the interest of a customer. The use of a bot grants you the opportunity to engage immediately. This allows for a pleasant customer experience, demonstrates punctuality and exhibits an unparalleled appreciation for the client. Furthermore, bots are effective in aiding brands in gaining leads and customer insight.

The most advantageous platform to implement a Chatbot would be popular messaging apps and social media. Bot’s are able to integrate into these platforms in such a way that communicating with one is as easy as chatting with friends, what’s more, if you wanted to order takeout without opening your browser or a specific app, a bot could easily organize it for you. A popular example of this being Siri.

That’s the amazing thing about bots, you no longer have to download a bunch of apps on your phone that take up unnecessary space because the bot could easily replace all of them. Chatbots are undeniably on the fast track to ruling marketing’s domain, and should, without a doubt be implemented to promote your brand immediately.



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